Fun in and on the water


The decision is yours whether you take a leisurely boat trip in order to admire the impressive scenery or do an energetic canoe tour on the Neckar – there is something to suit every taste.

You are also welcome to use the motor boat slip-way in Hirschhorn.

Come and relax at our extensive outdoor swimming pools in Neckargemünd and Eberbach or at the nearby ‘Badewelt’ in Sinsheim.

Learn all about the Neckar and its landscape on Eberbach’s History of the River Path, Neckargemünd’s High-Water Path and on Hirschhorn’s guided tour ‘Hirschhorn and the Neckar’.

Why not spend the happiest day of your life afloat on the Neckar? You can tie the knot in all of the Romantic Four towns and in Hirschhorn it is even possible to get married on a river boat.

Adventure and Spa Baths: