Hospitality in the Neckar Valley


No matter which of the Neckar Valley’s Romantic Four you visit you will never have to go hungry.

You will be able to find everything from cosy cafés serving freshly baked cakes, restaurants and snack bars offering traditional German fare to more modern and international cuisine.

One of the delights of exploring the Neckar Valley is coming across a cafe, bar or restaurant that will be proud to provide food often made using fresh, locally sourced produce.

For anyone who needs ‘to get away from it all’ the Neckar Valley has a large array of accommodation to choose from. 

Whether you want to stay in a bed and breakfast, a holiday let, guest house or a grand hotel, your every wish can be fulfilled.

For those who arrive by campervan, caravan or motorboat you will feel at home in our centrally placed and well equipped campsites or moorings on the Neckar.

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Notes to the list of accommodation and restaurants

The entries in this list is information gathered from the providers and compiled by the tourist information of the Romantic Four. The Romantic Four’s tourist information is not liable for the accuracy of the information provided.